The BEAR Robotic Wheel Alignment System was “Born” in the Car Factories of the world, where two elements are critical:

Speed and Consistently Reliable Results.

The BEAR Robotic System gives automotive shops the ability to have the same cutting edge technology as the world’s vehicle manufacturers at affordable prices while achieving factory performance and accuracy. 

BEAR ROBOTICS SYSTEM - Robotic system to be added to existing lift includes Two COMPLETE ROBOTS - DELOREAN DELUXE Cabinet - Pair of RAILS CUSTOMIZED to length of lift - Pair of FRONT TRAYS - Pair of REAR SLIDING TRAYS - Pair of TURNTABLES with side movement - Pair of TURNTABLES with concentric movement - VERIFICATION BAR - Alignment Accessories

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Vehicle alignment plays a critical role in the performance and safety of your vehicle. No one knows that better than Bear. That's why we've spent decades perfecting our alignment machines to be the most accurate in the industry. 

The SBA system is our flagship aligner that ensures proper alignments every time to improve fuel efficiency, increasing tire life saving you money. 

Systems come with 6 or 8 sensor wireless wheel units with our most highly developed CCD technology. Wheel units include dynamic adjustable-brightness green LEDs and ultra precise cameras to ensure exact measurements . 

Wheel units mount to tires with robust self-centering aluminum rim clamps.


All wheel units are Made in the USA with rugged all-aluminum construction and come backed by a unique 5yr warranty. Bear SBA aligner will never let you down.

  • Extreme Accuracy and Repeatability
  • toe and Camber sensors are accurate up to .005 degrees. They can sense and record even the slightest amount of movement.
  • 70 seconds to acquire readings
  • Clampless system - No mounting rim clamps, wheel unit sensors, or targets.
  • Robot never touches the rim eliminating damage
  • Made in USA
  • Simple caster swing - Each robot continuously changes its position to stay accurately attached to the wheel.
  • Live Caster - turnplate floats and rotates on top of the turn plate assembly and Live Caster is achieved by the entire turnplate assembly floating on top of its own rolling table.
  • Turnplate assemblies are constructed of non-corrosive materials and are easy to disassemble and clean.
  • Easily position the rear turnplate ramps with built-in spring loaded rollers along the robust aluminum rails.
  • Multi-language software
  • Software offers options to measure and display Toe, Camber and Caster in different units such as millimeters, decimal degrees, degrees and minutes etc.
  • Software easy to update online for program upgrades and vehicle updates

Angles That Can Be Read
Toe - One side and total Front and Rear
Camber - Two sides Front and Rear
Caster - Indirect measurement at 20° Front
King Pin - Indirect measurement at 20° Front
Steering Angle - Measured at 20° Front
Thrust Line Degrees and Minutes
Wheel Base (in mm) Left/Right/Comparison
Toe (One Side) +/- 8º
Camber +/- 8º
Precision and Tolerance
Toe (One Side) Measured against the Star +/- 1 Minute
Camber Measured against the Star +/- 1 Minute
Caster +/- 5 Minute
King pin in accordance to the vehicle +/- 10 Minute
Toe out angle +/- 5 Minute
Driving Speed of the Robots 11.9" (300 mm) per second
Size Specifications
Robot Weight (Each): 90 Lbs ( .)
Robot Dimension (Each): 27" x 16" x 16.5"


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